Congratulations to our
Wednesday Night League


Jim Wonchoba and Sean Lawrence

2017 Wednesday Night Golf League

Pre-Season Meeting for all players 
Wednesday April 12th, 6pm
@ the Odessa National clubhouse

Sign ups for current League members begins Monday, February 6th.

Non League Members may sign up on March 1st.


2017 League Information 



The league will consist of two person teams in two divisions.

This year's divisions will be determined by combined handicap indexes of the partners as of the 4-15-17 update.

We will accept a maximum of 32 teams.

Players sign up as partners or you may sign up individually as a substitute.

The league's regular season is scheduled to begin on Wednesday April 26. Matches will not be played on Wededay July 5.

Each team will play every other team in their division once. The Playoffs will begin the week folowing the end of the regular season.

If there are rain days, the regular season matches will be pushed back. We will complete the regular season matches and the playoffs will begin the week after the end of the regular season.

All matches will be played on Wednesday evenings with a 5:00 shotgun.

The first two rounds of the playoffs will begin @ 4:45.


A sign up fee of $85 per player will be collected with each team’s entry. This fee will be used for year end prizes for the regular season, playoffs, championship plaques and our end of the season cocktail & appetizers event.

Entry deadline is Wednesday, March 29th or the first 32 paid entries. 

A meeting for all teams will be held on Wednesday April 12 @ 6pm at the Odessa clubhouse.

A fee of $28 per player will be collected each Wednesday evening for the golf fees.  Range balls will be included with this fee. This fee will not apply to Odessa National members.

Frog Hollow members and Associate members will receive a $5 discount.

An optional fee of $5 will be collected each week for closest to the hole events. These events will be a cash payout.


Each week, each team will play a match against another team in their division.

Player “A” will play a singles match against the other team’s player “A”. This match will be worth 1 point.

Player “B” will play a singles match against the other team’s player “B”. This match will be worth 1 point.

Player “A” and player “B” will also play a better ball of partners match against the other team’s player “A” and “B”. This match will be worth 1 point.

All halved matches will split the 1 point.

Teams will accumulate points throughout the season for year-end prizes and seeding positions for the playoffs.


If a player can’t make the Wednesday evening match, he or she or their partner are responsible to arrange for a substitute. If they can’t find a substitute please contact the golf shop for assistance.

Original team members are responsible for notifying the golf shop as soon as possible when a substitute is being used.

A substitute list will be updated weekly.

Each player will be limited to 5 substitutes during the regular season.

Substitutes will not be permitted during the playoffs.

All substitutes must have an established USGA handicap.

If a substitute does not have a USGA handicap they will play at a 0 handicap for the match.

If a player, partner or substitutes do not show up for a match all related points will be forfeited. This could be a total of 3 points if neither player showed up.


All players must have a USGA /online handicap to be verified prior to the beginning of the season.

If a player does not have a current handicap he will have to play a minimum of five eighteen hole rounds at any regulation golf course in order to determine an appropriate handicap.

The five rounds must be completed and posted by April 14th.

All matches, singles and team will be played @ 90% off the low handicap.

The committee will post all league scores for the league.

 Individuals are responsible for posting all other scores using the USGA Equitable Stroke Control System.

Handicaps will be updated the 1st and 15th of each month, April1st through November 1st


All matches will be played under the USGA Rules of Golf.

All matches will be played under Match Play rules.

Any player who scores a gross par or better on a hole and receives 2 strokes may only better his or her score by 1 stroke.

If a ball may be lost outside a water hazard or out of bounds please play a provisional ball. Prior to hitting your provisional ball make sure your opponent knows you are hitting a provisional ball.

If there is a rules infraction or you think there is a rules infraction, it is the opposing player/team’s responsibility to address the infraction at that time.

All rules decisions will be made at the completion of the match.

Rain / Darkness

Matches will be played unless the course is unplayable or there is dangerous weather in the area.

All matches become official after 5 holes have been completed.

If a match is canceled because of weather that scheduled match will be played the following week and all other matches will be pushed back one week.

Playoff matches that are rained out will be rescheduled and completed prior to the following Wednesday matches if possible.


The top 8 teams from each division (total points) at the end of the regular season will qualify for the playoffs.

The semi-finals and finals will be 18 hole matches. Date and time to be determined by the participants.


Tie breakers for the playoff seeding will be determined by total points of the team's head to head match. Then total individual points of the head to head match, then total team points. The a coin flip.

Ties for money positions will be split evenly.

If a playoff match ends in a tie (points) the match will continue in sudden death as a better ball of partners match only.


Prizes will be awarded to the top eight teams and ties in each division during the regular season (total points) and the top four teams in the playoffs. All prizes will be Odessa National gift cards.

Starting Time

Starting time for all matchesis a 5:00 shotgun. 

Playoffs will begin @ 4:45.

All players should be at their golf carts ready to go 10 minutes prior to the shotgun start.

We will alternate nines (front nine /back nine) each week.

Pace of Play

A good pace of play is very important for an enjoyable round of golf. All players are expected to maintain a good pace of play.

Two hours and fifteen minutes is the recommended pace for a nine hole round. Remember you are permitted to concede putts. 

The League is meant to be competitive as well as enjoyable and fun.